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Horror fiction 1925-1937: ‘Not At Nights’ & ‘Creeps’

Charles Birkin and the “Creeps”

Posted by demonik on August 15, 2007

Charles Birkin (1907-1986) and the “CREEPS” seriesThe “Creeps”, like the “Not At Night” series, were the ‘Pan Horror Stories’ of their day, and Herbert Van Thal wisely raided both for early issues of his popular paperbacks.
Edited by the 5th Baronet Birkin under the pseudonym Charles Lloyd, they ended abruptly in 1936 when Birkin had a collection of his own horror stories published, “Devil Spawn”, after which other commitments forced him to retire from the field until 1964 when “The Kiss Of Death” signalled a winning return to activity. The series, published by Phillip Allan, ran as follows.
Creeps (1932)
Shudders (1932)
Shivers (1933)
Terrors (1933)
Quakes (1933)
Nightmares (1933)
Monsters (1934)
Panics (1934)
Powers Of Darkness (1934)
The Creeps Omnibus (1935)
Thrills (1935)
Tales Of Fear (1935)
Tales Of Death (1936)
Tales Of Dread (1936)

The Creeps Omnibus handily (if lazily) reproduced the entire contents of the first three volumes, and is as good an introduction to the series as any, although not exactly representative and by no means the “Greatest Hits” collection these books are still crying out for

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